Community Rules

♡ Be kind, respectful, and supportive.

♡ No inappropriate photos or language.

♡ No judging; This is a judgement free zone!

♡ No religion bashing, homophobic slurs, or ignorant rants will be tolerated.

♡ We DO NOT debate about kids in this group! Negative memes, articles, or inappropriate photos regarding kids will be not be approved.

♡ Starting unnecessary drama and calling people out of their names will cause you to be banned.

→ Advertising: NO SPAM ZONE! Wall advertising is not allowed unless pre-approved by an admin.

Example: Youtube links, Instagram “follow me” requests, etc. You can share a photo of your hair and let everyone know that your video or website link(s) and other social media handles will be in the comment section.

*For your own safety, don’t give your number out in the group, unless for pre-approved advertising.

*DO NOT try to edit your caption and add your website links after we approve your post. It will be REMOVED.

→ If you find any posts or comments to be offensive or against the rules feel free to report it or send a message to any of the group admins.

  • Use the search bar to navigate through past posts before asking a question that has already been answered.
  • When seeking advice , ensure that you include your current hair regimen, products you use and your hair porosity in order for us to assist you.

There are three  admins: Maxine Arnold, Bryce Arnold and Jennifer Exford Williams

Please abide by the rules to keep this group in order. We will give you ONE warning for not following the rules and after that we’ll remove you from the group permanently!

We encourage EVERYONE who joins this group to read the rules after being added.